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Negotiation skills are cited by a 2016 World Economic Forum report as one of ten necessary and in demand skills needed in the future global economy

Negotiation skills have only traditionally been available to people working for large global companies or those who have the individual financial resources to be able to buy it for themselves.

So, to level the playing field, Natalie Reynold’s pioneering DEALSTM egotiation method and materials have been developed into a new online course…without the hefty price tag. This means that anyone with access to £10 can access negotiation training that up until now has only been available to large corporates, governments, entrepreneurs and global business schools.

Who should take this course? The course is designed to be relevant for any type of negotiation, both in the home and in the workplace and so, would be beneficial for a wide range of individuals including middle managers, graduates, entrepreneurs, freelancers, senior executives, stay at home parents, students, charity workers and those outside of the traditional workplace.

The course

Mastering Negotiation: The Art of Making Your Ask is a modular course comprised of 8, 20 minute Masterclass lessons, downloadable toolkits and worksheets. The globally respected DEALSTM negotiation training method provides a robust introduction to excelling at the negotiation table and an easy to use framework for effectively making your ask.

The Course is made up of the following lessons:

  1. Why Negotiation Matters
  2. Common Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid
  3. DEALSTM Discover
  4. DEALSTM Establish
  5. DEALSTM Ask
  6. DEALSTM Lead
  7. DEALSTM Seal
  8. Dealing with Difficult Negotiations