Make Your Ask

Who we are?

Make Your Ask is a premium platform that offers investment opportunities in companies at an early stage but with great prospects for growth and profitability, in which a professional investor with experience has already confirmed his participation and invests his capital, and where Make Your Ask also invests. Investors registered with Make Your Ask can invest under the same conditions as the reference investor, and share his experience and knowledge.

Our main objective is to is to enable its users to have a well-balanced and diversified portfolio of investment in quality emerging companies, through very detailed selection and filtering criteria. In Make Your Ask quality takes precedence over quantity, and our main metric is not the number of companies that have obtained investment through our platform.

We focus our efforts on mitigating risks by being very thorough in company analysis and risk mitigation. In addition to searching for and filtering out interesting companies, we invest in all the operations offered to investors – not only because it aligns us totally with the our users, but also because we believe it’s a profitable way to invest our own capital.